About NancyKay Wessman


Before getting into the business of books,
NancyKay Sullivan Wessman worked as a journalist and health communicator. She helped create and lead organizations that empowered other public health public information officers to do their jobs better. She inspired other public relations professionals to set and achieve measurable objectives.

Wessman began her weekly newspaper career in her hometown and moved into medical PR before taking on public health public information. A graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, she earned a master’s of public health degree from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

Now NancyKay writes books.
She also works as editor, speaker, and consultant.
In her transformation to author, Wessman learned from and relied upon friends and colleagues in the Creative Nonfiction-South tribe, BB Queens and Pulpwood Queens book clubs, and Easy Writers critique group. She is Episcopalian.